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Presentations of 12 June 2015

Download the Cider Market presentations.


At the General Assembly of 12 June 2015, the AICV adopted the 6th Edition of the AICV ‘Code of Practice’.

This edition of the Code of Practice is based on the original version prepared by the members of the AICV in 1998, and subsequently updated in 2006.

It takes account of changes in commercial practice and/or legislation in the EU. The Code is based on our individual and collective understanding of industry practice and legislation affecting the production, packaging and labelling of cider, perry and fruit wines throughout those countries within the European Union that are represented by the AICV.

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At the Executive Committee of 26 November 2014, the AICV adopted the ‘Labelling and Ingredients Listing Guideline’.

The purpose of this document is to provide best practice advice, in the form of labelling guidelines, for providing ingredient and nutrition information and responsible drinking messaging on pack, for those companies that wish to provide this information on a voluntary basis.

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